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About Stronger Farther Faster

Keith Andersen

Posted in Motivation

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Stronger Farther Faster grew from my own personal endeavors in rejoining the fitness world. Despite having an active childhood, over the years I continued down teh road of inactivity. My career put me behind a desk or spending long hours commuting in a car. The "Sit-down Life" had taken hold.

Once into my 30's, and with the birth of both of my kids, I spent pretty much every waking moment in a chair doing something. Rarely did I do anyhting physical aside from cutting the grass and basic yard work. The diet was crap and in cue time the weight gain started to set in.

I would say I never really reached a point of morbid obesity, but I did set a path up that if I didn't do something soon I was going to crash headlong into it.

My eye-opener was when I was teaching my son to ride a bike. All I had to do was follow behind him. I had jogged maybe 50ft behind him. Then suddenly I was bent over, sucking wind for all that I had. I grew up playing sports. I was an avid mountain biker for a while as well. This feeling was foreign to me.

It was at that moment I told myself I had to change. Now, of course, talk is cheap. Over the next few months I told myself I was getting better. Only in reality I wasn't. I had signed up for a Half Marathon thinking thats what I needed to do to force myself to get fit. One month out and I still had done no training. I looked it up and learned I could postpone my signup to next year.

I told myself I've got another year. I'm good. No Problem. I had signed up at a gym. Joined a wellness program for 3 months and stuck to it. Only I stalled and reverted back to my ways afterwards. Once again another year had past. I'm one month out from my Half Marathon, and I'm at square one again. Only this time I got working. I can't say what changed. Something within me woke up. I changed my diet and I got running.

Raceday showed up and I wasn't ready but I was doing it anyway. One mile in and shin splints started. Every mile I questioned if I could make it. I questioned if I was fooling myself into thinking I could get fit again. I had to keep talking to myself to explain why I needed to finish. When the last mile hit everything went away. Pain, thoughts, tiredness, etc. I truly have no understanding on this one... maybe adrenaline. When I crossed that finish line I felt increadible.

That following day I went to my new gym session, with a new trainer that completely understood me. From that moment on I've stuck to the plan. I've completed multiple half marathons, obstacle courses, and more. I'm lifting more at 46 than I have at any other pointin my life. My confidence level has sky rocketed. Every aspect of my life has seen positive improvements.

Now I want to help others achieve what I have through fitness later in life. My goal is to lead by example. I'm working on getting my Personal Training certification. I have access to leader in the industry. I want to share my knowledge with all. If I can help you, then I want to do all I can.

Join me in this endeavor for a stronger, healthier life.